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    • What is the function of highly dispersed silica Under the influence of reach regulations and labeling regulations of the European Union, the application of highly dispersed silica in commercial tyr...... View all

    • Chemical composition of silica The main chemical component of white carbon black is fumed silica. Specifically, it is silicon dioxide with very fine particle size. Its chemical formula is sio2. Due...... View all

    • Physical and chemical properties of Silica Melting point: 1610 ° C (lit.) Boiling point:>100 ° C (lit.) Density: 2.6 g/mL at 25 ° C (lit.) Refractive index: n20/D 1.544 (lit.) Storage conditio...... View all

    • CAS No. of Silica


      CAS No. of Silica Chinese alias: white carbon black (combustion method); Fumed silica; Granulated white carbon black; Medicinal white carbon black; GH-7 white carbon black; GH-1A white carbon black; ...... View all

    • Silica


      White carbon black is the general term of white powder X-ray amorphous silicic acid and silicate products, mainly referring to precipitated silica, fumed silica and ultra-fine silica gel, as well as p...... View all

    • Vapor phase white carbon black: The price of raw material methyltrichlorosilane and silicon tetrachloride fluctuated slightly this week, which had limited impact on the cost of precipitated white carb...... View all

    • Nano silica is one of the most important high-tech ultra-fine inorganic new materials. Due to its small particle size, large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption, large surface energy, hig...... View all

    • The surface of white carbon black has strong chemisorption, which is related to the existence of its surface hydroxyl. Its surface hydroxyl can combine with molecules in the form of hydrogen bond to f...... View all

    • The white carbon black is generally divided into precipitated white carbon black and gas phase white carbon black according to the production method. The fumed silica is white amorphous flocculent sem...... View all

    • When white carbon black is used in food, it is usually used as a food additive, which can also be found in some milk powder. Because the non dairy cream powder with high fat content is easy to agglome...... View all

    • Fumed silica is one of the extremely important high-tech ultra-fine inorganic new materials. Because of its small particle size, it has large specific surface area, strong surface adsorption force, la...... View all

    • Silica, also known as hydrated silica, activated silica and precipitated silica, is a highly dispersed amorphous powder or flocculent powder with light weight, high electrical insulation, porosity and...... View all

    • Specific surface: refers to the surface area per gram of silica gel, including the sum of the internal micropore surface area and the external surface area. --Unit: square meter/gram Pore volume: T...... View all

    • There's no difference between fumed silica and precipitated silica. The chemical names are silicon dioxide. However, the gas-phase process uses silicon tetrachloride and air-fired silicon dioxide with...... View all

    • What is the ratio of the epoxy to the white carbon black? Either the epoxy doesn't change color, the epoxy is modified (that is, the unsaturated bond of the epoxy is added with H) , or time i...... View all

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