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The production method of fumed silica

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The production method of fumed silica
A method for producing fumed silica, which uses silicon tetrachloride, hydrogen, and air (calculated as oxygen) as raw materials, and continuously puts them into a hydrolysis furnace at a certain volume ratio for hydrolysis reaction, and the reaction temperature is 1000 °C. -1100 ℃, the reaction generates silica primary particles; the reactant is aggregated into aggregated particles by the aggregator, and the finished product is obtained by cyclone separation, double-stage air jet deacidification, fluidized bed screening, and vacuum compression packaging. The invention ensures the continuity of the deacidification process and makes the product quality more stable. The process device has simple equipment, convenient operation, safety and reliability, convenient maintenance and stable operation. Due to the continuous two-stage jet deacidification, automatic control is realized, the efficiency is improved, and the operation intensity is reduced.

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