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Recruitment announcement of Nanjing University of technology on April 30

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The recruitment announcement column is the position information required by the enterprise received on the day, not the end of the day. When the company recruits the required graduates, it is the end date. Please contact the company for information and send your resume according to your own needs.
To learn more about the company, please visit the employment and entrepreneurship website of Nanjing University of technology at http://njtech.91job.org.cn
Company name: Nanjing Branch of Shanghai First Construction Group Co., Ltd
Number of recruiters: 30
Major required: Civil Engineering, construction environment and energy application engineering, transportation, transportation engineering
Email: 2528316992@qq.com
Tel: 025-84292609-815
Company name: ankerui Electric Co., Ltd
Number of recruiters: 37
Required Majors: Measurement and control technology and instruments, electrical engineering and automation, smart grid information engineering, electronic information engineering, electronic science and technology, communication engineering, automation, computer science and technology, Internet of things Engineering
Email: acrel007@acrel.cn
Tel: 021-69158329
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