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Source: Jiangsu personnel public service network
In order to better select high-level talents and enrich the school's talent team, the Ministry of sports of Nanjing University of Technology (fully funded institutions, school website: http://www.njtech.edu.cn/) now recruits high-level talents (personnel agency) to the public. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
1、 Basic conditions
1. Love the cause of higher education, abide by the laws and disciplines, behave properly, unite comrades, and be honest and upright;
2. The physical conditions to meet the requirements of the post, in principle, the age is required to be under 40 years old (born after January 1, 1979). If there is a senior or deputy senior professional title, it can be appropriately relaxed (born after January 1, 1969, senior or deputy senior, born after January 1, 1974);
3. Have the qualification requirements for the post of application (see the attachment for details);
4. Candidates must have a national recognized degree and corresponding degree, and must correspond to the required major.
2、 Sign up
Accept the application of applicants through the Internet, and each person is limited to one position. Candidates will submit the application materials to the designated recruitment mailbox in the form of compressed file package (named after "reported position + name"). The subject of the email must indicate "application + name of teaching and scientific research post of the Ministry of physical education".
The registration time is from the date of announcement to December 31, 2020.
3、 Assessment method and organization
Before the assessment, our school will conduct a preliminary examination on the candidates. For the approved candidates, the college will notify them by phone or email to participate in the interview. During the interview, the applicant shall provide the original of ID card, graduation certificate (degree certificate), academic achievements and other relevant supporting materials, and the fresh graduates shall provide the original of the two-way employment recommendation form for graduates issued by their colleges and universities. Candidates shall participate in the assessment according to the specified time and place, otherwise it will be deemed as automatic abandonment.
The interview assessment shall be carried out in accordance with the measures formulated by Nanjing University of technology. The specific procedures will inform the candidates by email or telephone, mainly testing the professional knowledge, business ability and comprehensive quality required for the performance of the post responsibilities. The score of the interview assessment is 70 points qualified (100 points in full), and if it is lower than 70 points, the candidates will not be hired.
4、 Employment
After the assessment, the personnel participating in the physical examination shall be determined from high score to low score according to the proportion of 1:1 number of people to be recruited for the recruitment post. The standard of physical examination shall be implemented in accordance with the general standard of physical examination for recruitment of national civil servants (for Trial Implementation), and in addition, it must conform to the standard of physical examination for qualification of teachers in Jiangsu Province. In case of vacancy due to disqualification of physical examination, substitute personnel shall take part in physical examination in turn.
The school shall organize the inspection of the qualified personnel, and determine the list of the personnel to be employed according to the results of the inspection, physical examination and inspection. The list of personnel to be employed will be publicized on the website of Jiangsu human resources public service network and the Ministry of human resources of Nanjing University of technology for 7 working days.
For those who have no objection to the publicity, the school shall handle relevant employment procedures for them and sign an employment contract with them. The personnel employed are all personnel agents.
5、 Recruitment policy consultation and supervision
For policy consultation, please contact the human resources department of Nanjing University of Technology
Tel: 025-58139140
Contact: Mr. Tang, Mr. Chen
6、 Recruitment supervision
Discipline inspection supervision Tel.: 025-58139069 contact: Mr. Yan
Attachment (read the original to download details):
Recruitment list of teaching and scientific research posts (personnel agent) of the Ministry of sports of Nanjing University of technology in 2020.

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