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Taixing group invites experts from Nantong University to guide e-commerce to Serve Rural Revitalization

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On April 28, at the invitation of the head group of Taixing science and Technology Town, Qin Weiming, director of the teacher work department of Nanjing University of technology, Zhou Xiaochen, director of the e-commerce entrepreneurship education training base of National University Science and Technology Park, and Zhou Xiaochen, associate professor of School of economics and management, came to Taixing high tech Zone and Qixiang village, Huangqiao Town, the first batch of most beautiful villages in Jiangsu Province to guide the construction of e-commerce To serve rural revitalization. Huang Suoming, the head of the Bureau of Taixing science and technology town and vice mayor of Taixing science and Technology Town, accompanied the inspection, and relevant responsible comrades of Taixing high tech Zone and Huangqiao town participated in the activity.
The experts first came to the e-commerce comprehensive service platform of the talent science and Technology Plaza of the high tech Zone to exchange with the on-site personnel how to use Internet thinking to innovate poverty alleviation methods and help the people increase their incomes and become rich. Professor Zhou is a training instructor of the network entrepreneurship training program of the Ministry of human resources and social security of the people's Republic of China. He has participated in the evaluation of the national e-commerce demonstration counties for many times. After in-depth understanding of the operation mode of the comprehensive service platform, he proposed to actively integrate all kinds of information and human resources, promote the cross-border integration of Internet elements and rural revitalization, especially during the epidemic prevention and control period, to make more use of e-commerce To help the people out of poverty, we need to increase the training of e-commerce talents, cultivate a number of excellent e-commerce anchors, and stimulate the vitality of e-commerce.
Then, the experts came to Qixiang village, the most beautiful village, and visited the new era civilization practice station, Taizhou youth comprehensive practice base, safety education and training base, small grain planting base, etc. the experts highly affirmed the development of the most beautiful rural characteristics. Through exchanges between the two sides, they discussed how to use the red resources of the old Huangqiao District, combined with the demonstration and guidance of Qixiang Village revitalization in the new era The two sides have reached cooperation intention in jointly building safety practice education and e-commerce training for university teachers. Qixiang village, located in the south of Huangqiao Town, Taixing City, is a five-star Park of national leisure agriculture and rural tourism, a national AAA level scenic spot, and a five-star rural tourism area in Jiangsu Province. It has won more than 20 provincial-level honorary titles, including "national civilized village", "China's beautiful village", "national ecological and cultural village", "the most beautiful village in Jiangsu Province".
During the period, the experts also visited a group of Taixing backbone enterprises, such as Antarctic machinery, and exchanged views on the difficulties encountered by the enterprises in response to the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, saying that they would actively use the resources of Nantong University to help the enterprises solve the difficulties.

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