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Precipitated Silica IOTA FINE SIL300

IOTA FINE-SIL 300 Extinction powder is a special kind of silica precipitant made of special silica sol-gel process. Its advantages are good hardness, strong dispersion, and good refractive index. The effect is very good used as the coating extinction in the paint and coating industry.


Main specifications and technical data





Loss on lgnition9500C%


PH Value (5% Suspension)


Specific Surface Area g/m²


Moisture %


Partical Size


Oil Absorption  g/100g





Product features

1.    Good extinction effect. Could be used to make semi-matte, lambency, full - matte and even matt and other matt painting.

2.    Good dispersion. It could be dispersed to 15μm by high speed stirring.

3.    The paint film has good transparency of, does not form fog.

4.    It has no effect on drying storage and curing of paint.

5.    The film is flat and smooth, fine and wearable, has good abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

6.    No influence on the durability and weather resistance of the film.

7.    Good anti sinking, do not produce hard precipitation during the storage period.

8.    The extinction powders are uniform and feel good.


Products uses

Extinction powder must be fully dispersed in coating, so can play their roles. FINE series products can easily dispersed into the paint by standard high-speed dispersion machine, users must pay attention to blade diameter, container size, the height of the coating slurry, impeller rotational speed and so on are the factors influencing dispersion when doing dispersion. 


White kraft paper bag, 10KG/Bag

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