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IOTA Hydrophobic series silica

    Hydrophobic silica is a specially treated silicon dioxide. It is reacted by hydrophilic silica and silane coupling agent under suitable conditions, to prepare a kind of solid powder silica with polysiloxane grafting surface according to different industry requirements. The hydrophobic contact angle can be 70  to 150, not only has good hydrophobic, and defoaming, thickening, good flowing property, flooding, and other functions, can be used in textile dyeing and finishing, defoaming agent, lubricant, unsaturated polyester resin, powder fire extinguishing agent and silicone rubber products.



    IOTA GW-100, IOTA GW-150, IOTA GW-800

    Defoaming agent, liquid silicone rubber and etc.

    IOTA PG-800

    Defoaming agent, textile dyeing and finishing, grease and etc.

    IOTA GF-600IOTA SW-350-D

    Defoaming agent, grease, powder fire extinguishing agent and etc.

    Other special treatment

    Battery separator, polishing materials, powder extinguishing agent and etc.

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