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Hydroxyl terminated methyl vinyl silicone oil IOTA 1203V

    Structural formula

    Technical index

    Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid. 
    Viscosity (25℃),mm2∕S:  ≤35 
    Hydroxy content:  ≥6.0% 
    Vinyl content:(mol%)
    Flash point :  ≥60
    Moisture:  ≤0.35%


    Vinyl content can be customized upon customer's request

    Product application:

    Added vinyl chain link (side chain position) in the hydroxy silicone molecule. Adding this product can play a dual role: the hydroxy group in the molecule and the active group of silica should act as a structure control agent; The vinyl in the crosslinking reaction with the vinyl in the raw rubber has a better effect than simply adding vinyl silicone oil. This product can be used alone or in combination with hydroxy silicone oil. For some special users, the vinyl content can be customized.

    Application Notes:

    1. It is best added when frozen.

    2. The dosage has a high correlation with the quality of silica and raw rubber, please add as needed.

    3. During storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature, and do not mix with chemicals such as acid and alkali.

    Packaging, storage and transportation:

    1. Packed in 25 kg plastic drum or 200 kg iron drum.

    2. Put into a clean and dry container and store in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

    3. This product is transported as non-dangerous goods.

    4. Shelf life: 1 year

    5. Brand: IOTA

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