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Acrylate Silicone Oil IOTA 2205

    Appearance: yellow transparent liquid

    Active ingredient: 99.9%


    Permanent feel 0.2-1%

    Antifouling 2-6%

    Resin modified 1-6%

    Molecular weight: about 300-400

    Usage and characteristics:

    Mono functional silicone monomer with acrylate group can be widely applied to the modification of acrylic resin and emulsion. In addition, the silicone unit is introduced to improve the weatherability of the resin and emulsion. At the same time, it can be used for curing coating system to improve the levelling and wetting property.

    Type: Water, Solvent

    Packaging, storage and transportation:

    1. Packed in 25 kg plastic drum or 200 kg iron drum.

    2. Put into a clean and dry container and store in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

    3. This product is transported as non-dangerous goods.

    4. Shelf life: 1 year

    5. Brand: IOTA

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