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Report on the employment quality of 2019 graduates from the school of civil engineering, Nanjing University of Technology

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College introduction
The College of civil engineering originated from the Engineer Department of Tongji Medical Engineering School in 1915, moved to Nanjing in 1951, renamed Nanjing Institute of Construction Engineering in 1980, and enrolled undergraduates. In 2001, Nanjing University of technology was incorporated. In 2005, he obtained master's degree in civil engineering and doctor's degree in civil engineering in 2010. Civil engineering discipline is an advantageous discipline in Jiangsu University. It has a postdoctoral mobile station of civil engineering and a complete talent training system of undergraduate, master, doctor and postdoctoral.
Have the whole world in view of one belt, one road, the other is the best. The civil engineering undergraduate specialty inherits the fine tradition of the institutions directly under the Ministry of construction, and combines closely with engineering practice to train senior and middle management and technical personnel. Based on Jiangsu, the whole nation and the world, the joint industry leader enterprise will serve the whole world's civil engineering construction. In 2001, it passed the evaluation of civil engineering major of higher education of the Ministry of construction for the first time, passed the re evaluation in 2006, passed the third evaluation in 2011, and obtained the 8-year validity period (the only university affiliated to Jiangsu Province), and passed the fourth professional certification in May 2019. The first batch of national talent training model innovation experimental area, the first batch of national excellent engineer program pilot specialty, national characteristic specialty construction point, and the first batch of Jiangsu Province characteristic specialty.
In 2019, civil engineering was selected into the first batch of national first-class undergraduate professional construction sites.
Graduate structure
563 graduates in 2019
396 person
Master's degree
166 person
Doctoral graduates
1 person
2019 graduates from 29 provincial administrative regions in China
Jiangsu Province is the main source of students
Graduates from outside Jiangsu Province mainly come from Anhui, Gansu, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Xinjiang and other provinces
Employment rate and future
Employment flow of undergraduate graduates to provinces
Employment destination of 2019 graduates in 22 provincial administrative regions
Jiangsu Province is the main employment area
The main destinations outside Jiangsu Province are Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Beijing and other provinces and cities
Major employment units of graduates
Some employment units of Undergraduates
Some graduate employment units
Undergraduate study
Research guarantee rate
Enrollment rate
Guarantee and research of the University
Study abroad
Advanced models
Qixing plan: Qihang scholarship, western province employment assistance, volunteer service assistance
Around the "one belt, one road" national strategy, we should guide graduates to work in key areas and important areas.
Actively call on students from the western region to go to their hometown for employment and entrepreneurship, and encourage excellent students to participate in the volunteer service assistance program.
Outstanding graduates of civil engineering in Jiangsu Province
Employment characteristic work
In depth development of "top project"
In September 2018, our college established an employment leading group with the Secretary and President of the Party committee as the group leader, vice secretary and vice president as the Deputy group leader, and the heads of departments and disciplines, the director of the academic office, and the counselors of the graduation class as members. We held regular employment work seminars, actively contacted alumni enterprises, participated in the reception of employers, and created a situation in which all employees participated in employment.
Important research institutions such as CSCEC Nangong Intelligent Construction Center settled in the college.
Leaders and teachers of the college have been studying, discussing and contacting employment work in and out of the province for many times to fully support the school's employment work.
"Two ways" to strengthen employment guidance
Improve practical ability
There are 15 new employment practice bases, including China Construction Second Engineering Bureau, China Construction Strait construction, Shanghai Greenland Hong Kong Holdings, Nanjing Jiangbei new District Central Business District, Guangdong Tengyue construction, Yangtze River urban architectural design, etc.
"Two ways" to strengthen employment guidance
Strengthen theoretical teaching, expert guidance and skill training
Effective integration of alumni resources, Jiamu school 20 outstanding alumni as undergraduate tutors, the whole process of vocational ability improvement guidance.
The college invited senior managers of listed companies, chief engineers of civil engineering industry, and entrepreneurial experts to hold six high-quality employment guidance lectures to help students accurately position themselves and improve their employment competitiveness.
"Three in one" to deepen the employment market
Implementation of special presentation
On March 13, 2019, the College of civil engineering held a special recruitment meeting and intern recruitment, invited and contacted 53 Chinese enterprises such as Chinese letterhead, Design Institute, real estate, supervision, consulting and other enterprises to participate, and launched more than 1000 jobs.
"Three in one" to deepen the employment market
Implement reception and contact
In this academic year, the college has received 195 employers, conducted in-depth exchanges with many enterprises, and participated in more than 280 seminars of employers.
"Three in one" to deepen the employment market
Carry out publicity research
In May 2019, the civil engineering major was assessed by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of the people's Republic of China as a higher education major. The employment working group of our college actively cooperated with the employment publicity research. Ten kinds of employment work questionnaires were prepared and put into use, and more than 1000 people were investigated.
In the evaluation stage of higher education major of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the leading group of employment work of the college has organized a forum for employers and alumni, and invited companies such as the Third Construction Co., Ltd. of China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau, East China company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, China Nuclear Huaxing, China Railway Bridge Bureau, CCCC third Harbor Engineering Bureau, etc.
"Four wheel drive" to ensure the effectiveness of employment, and provide services for the plan of taking a detailed examination of postgraduate, going abroad, public examination and star inspiration
1. Establish a dynamic database of students' intention to graduate and find out the trend. Many professors help students who want to study abroad to contact well-known foreign universities and write letters of recommendation. In combination with the platform of Luban lecture hall, senior alumni studying abroad will be invited to make academic reports for the students who intend to go abroad.
2. Under the overall framework of "action to promote learning", our college set up a special support group of "action to promote learning" for postgraduate entrance examination to serve the full and high-quality employment of students and improve the enrollment rate.
3. Based on the analysis and summary of the data of the 17th and 18th postgraduate entrance examination, this paper tries to find the correlation between the results of the postgraduate examination and the results of the first three years of the school, and gives targeted guidance to the 19th postgraduate examination students.
4, one belt, one road, one western region, one important area and one important area, will be implemented in the hope of implementing the volunteer service, employment and sailing scholarship in the western region.
Ming Dynasty's virtue and thick learning
Persevere and persevere
Voice of Jiamu, Nanjing University of Technology
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