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The activity of "youth confessing to the motherland" for graduate students of Urban Construction College of Nanjing University of Technology

2020-04-01 3891264

Activity of "youth confessing to the motherland" for graduate students of Urban Construction College
In order to carry forward patriotism, strengthen the five love education of students, and cheer for the epidemic situation, four graduate students (8 in total) from HVAC and municipal major of our college participated in the activity of "youth confession to the motherland".
In March, the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming. After a whole winter of wind and frost, China is finally waking up. In 2020, we can't forget a year. This winter, the outbreak of the national epidemic is affecting the hearts of every Chinese people all the time. As a graduate student of Urban Construction College of Nanjing University of technology, although we can't join the glorious anti epidemic front-line team like those medical staff, we will also contribute our young generation to our great motherland in our own way Power. This battle without gunpowder will bring into full play the fine traditions of our Chinese nation and our party! We are proud of being a Chinese and a Communist Party member! Not long ago, each of our young students carefully watched the reply of general secretary Xi Jinping to all our post-90s party members.
Zhao Bao Ming
In his reply, the general secretary put forward ardent hopes for our young generation, and I must seriously consider how to implement them. Our young generation must shoulder the sense of responsibility and mission, study hard, and contribute to our country in the future!
Ma Su Ning
The general secretary mentioned in his reply that Chinese youth are good! As a student Party member, we should take the lead, strive to be a new youth in the new era, and contribute to the construction of the motherland! Where there is a need, rush forward, forge ahead, never back!
Xue Fang Ling
In his reply, the general secretary said that our young generation should have ideals, abilities and responsibilities, and the country will have a future. In the face of big and small national events, as young Party members, we should work together, brave the wind and rain, bear the heavy burden and overcome difficulties!
Song Ren Zhi
We stand in the center of the stage, shoulder the glorious mission, look up to the direction of the stars and the sea, embrace the transcendental power in our hearts, the strong generation has me, this spirit has a future!
Jia Lei
In his reply, General Secretary Xi expressed his greetings to the youth, and expressed his ardent hope for our youth generation. As a member of the college students, I will study hard, improve my quality, care for my classmates, take responsibility for myself, drive more people to bear the burden bravely, and contribute to the future of our country!
Xue Wei Liu
As a graduate student of Nanjing University of Technology, we should keep firmly in mind the motto, and we should follow suit and obey the leadership of the party. We must resolutely implement the general secretary Xi Jinping's policy and implement it together. It is the embodiment of the excellent cohesion of a nation.
Yu Jia Cheng
In his reply, the general secretary can see the expectation and encouragement for our young people, the trust and support for our young people in the new era, the service for the people, the struggle for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and the efforts for national unity!
Meng Lei Yuan
The reply of general secretary Xi Jinping, engraved with great engraved spirit, contains boundless power and inspires us to become a young generation with ideals and responsibilities.
This epidemic is a crisis and a big test for us. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed that "not winning the battle is not a success." a word "whole" requires us to fight and win the people's war, the general war and the sniping war, and strive to achieve the goals and objectives of this year's economic and social development. We are at home waiting for the epidemic to subside, and we do not forget that scientific research and learning do not waste precious graduate time! Finally, the Urban Construction College of Nantong University refuels for the motherland and the world!
Editor in charge: Zhou Jingqin, Meng Liyuan
Preliminary examination: Xu Xinjie
Final: Zhou Ting

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