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Guangyuan group won the second prize of Ji'an patent

2020-03-31 3891192

Recently, Guangyuan group's "preparation method of white carbon black / nano calcium composite slurry coating wet ultrafine calcium carbonate" won the "second prize of Ji'an patent in 2019". On March 27, Zhang Laian, Lai Limei and other leaders of Ji'an Market Supervision Bureau visited Guangyuan to issue certificates in person.
Vice chairman Zou Jiansheng receives the award certificate on behalf of Guangyuan group
White carbon black / nano calcium carbonate composite slurry coating wet ultrafine calcium carbonate is a new technology of functional ultrafine calcium carbonate powder processing, which breaks through the technical bottleneck of surface modification of wet ultrafine calcium carbonate by composite nano slurry, solves the common problem of material defects brought by sharp edges and smooth cleavage surface in wet grinding process of calcium carbonate, and realizes wet carbon The specific surface area of calcium acid increased, the oil absorption value decreased, and the dispersion was better. This technology is the first one in China and won the second prize of "Jiangxi excellent new product" and other awards. After industrial promotion, the market prospect is very broad.
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In recent years, Guangyuan group adheres to the market-oriented principle, strengthens the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and vigorously implements the strategy of scientific and technological innovation and development. The company has successively won one Golden Bridge Prize in China's technological market, one second prize in provincial technological invention, one first prize in municipal scientific and technological progress, 18 provincial new products, three Jiangxi famous brand products, 10 national invention patents and 50 utility model patents. Independent innovation and scientific and technological breakthrough have opened up a new way to process functional calcium carbonate powder, improved the added value of calcium carbonate products, broke the long-term monopoly of high-performance calcium carbonate by foreign brands, and realized the "wide source manufacturing" of China's high-end calcium carbonate technology.
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