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Leaning on the fence to see the sword and sword are like a rainbow. It's hard to blame yourself for your pride. Sing loudly to the east of the river. Civil model - Wu Youhao.

2020-03-31 3891124

Wu Youhao, a postgraduate of Nanjing University of technology, entered the group company as a fresh graduate in 2016. I have been engaged in technical related work since I joined the company. During this period, from the bidding and scientific research work of the company's headquarters to the technical management work of the project site, from the beginning to the end, I love my post and dedication, and do my duty with due diligence.
1、 Pay attention to reality and be brave in innovation.
Since taking part in the work, Wu Youhao has carefully studied and studied the construction technology and on-site construction management experience. In the process of project construction, the scheme and disclosure shall be prepared according to the actual working conditions. If you don't understand, you shall consult with your colleagues and leaders in time to make the scheme and disclosure come from the actual situation and return to the site and guide the site. For the problems existing in the process of project construction, continuous research and multi-party argumentation shall be carried out to find and put forward optimized case handling. For example, "BIM + numerical simulation of retaining system" technology is used for stress analysis and actual monitoring of the optimization scheme of retaining structure of foundation pit to ensure the safe implementation of foundation pit project; for the phenomenon of installation deviation and excessive waste of on-site reinforcement, the "reinforcement budget + BIM reinforcement engineering information management" technology is used for fine management of reinforcement engineering to provide solutions for cost saving.
1、 Learning is the ruler, to make the barbarians, to increase the color
"Pursuit of excellence" is Wu's pursuit of work, and "self growth" is Wu's requirement of self. In the work, the comrade has always maintained the attitude of "master the skill to control the barbarians", insisted on recording the problems encountered in the work and the site conditions in the construction log every day, and summarized every day to find better work experience and methods. At the same time, I also study new standards and norms, and constantly study new technologies and methods to improve my work ability.
4、 Self cultivation, open-minded to things, smile to people
Keep an open mind and accept tasks; keep a humble attitude and get along with others. When working hard, don't forget to joke occasionally, or laugh at yourself from time to time, to ease the atmosphere; when dealing with colleagues, always keep smiling. In the face of problems, we are shameless to ask questions; in the face of mistakes, we dare to admit them.

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